Anchor Text – The Continuous Evolution in Off-Page SEO

I try to share SEO information with my readers that is not too technical. While the information on this video is not considered technical in SEO circles, I recognize you might not know what Anchor Text is. So let me give you an example to show you that anchor text is nothing more than a link.

That’s right – a typical blue link just like this one you are reading. The blue clickable text on a link is called the Anchor Text. So if you have a website about women’s shoes, you’ll want the anchor text on links that point back to your site from other websites on the internet to look like this –> women’s shoes – instead of the name of your company. That’s it! I told you it would be easy to understand.

On this video from SEOmoz, Cyrus Shepard shares some great insight on how they see Google putting more weight on Partial Match anchor text as opposed to the traditional Exact Match.

If search engine optimization is important to you here’s some great information you don’t want to miss.


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