Lessons From The World’s Most Inspiring Communicator.

Steve Jobs – An inspirational business leader, legend, and marketing genius.

This week Steve Jobs resigned from Apple as CEO. This is sad news for the tech world and for Steve Jobs fans all over. I’ve been one of them ever since 1987 when I purchased my first Macintosh.

I ran across today a Carmine Gallo article in Forbes. Carmine is a popular speaker who’s written several books. He wrote a best seller titled: “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs.” Gallo is a communications coach for the big fortune 1000 companies which are brand names we’re all familiar with.

Sit back for a few minutes and watch this video where Gallo shares golden nuggets of marketing knowledge you can take to the bank. I have seen lesser presentations worth a lot of money. It’ll be well worth your time.  Enjoy!

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