Search Engine Marketing Coaching Program

In addition to my other marketing services, I also provide SEO (search engine optimization) Coaching. This approach works well if you have a staff member you want to put in charge of your company's SEO and online marketing efforts.

I've also found that some small business owners like to engage in this program during their seasonal slow periods.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Objective

  • Get ranked on Google, Yahoo and MSN for selected keywords
  • Increase link popularity
  • Submit articles to directories and social media sites
  • Submit site to key authoritative directories
  • Create a blog (highly recommend)
  • Evaluate PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising
  • The benefits of PPC advertising
  • The importance of landing page optimization
  1. On-Page Search Engine Optimization Objective
  • Create meta tags, description tags, keyword tags and alt tag
  • Create compelling and strategic content for humans
  • Revise content to have good keyword density for Search Engines
  • Create FREE Report or White Paper for download to capture contact information
  • Set up auto-responder system for follow up
  • Create robot.txt file and Sitemap.xml file for Search Engines
  • Evaluate site structure and revise accordingly
  • Consider audio and video (highly recommend)
  1. Tactical Implementation and Time Frame
  • 1 hour weekly full-tilt coaching sessions for 90 days-- nothing held back
  • Some weeks I may opt to e-mail you a video or presentation
  • The call is recorded and you receive a copy so you don’t have to take notes and concentrate on the discussion
  1. Cost
  • $2,950 (You may pay in full and get 5% off-- pay $2,802 instead)
  • Or you could make 3 monthly payments of $983
  1. Terms and Conditions
  • You are required to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement. This basically states that you agree not to divulge or disclose to a third party the information, tactics and strategies you have acquired through our coaching engagement.

If you have any questions or need additonal information you can find it on the contact me page.