Resource Directory

Marketing & Advertising Glossary - I found this glossary by accident while searching on Google and was impressed with how extensive it is.

Aweber - If you need the best auto-responder system for the money, Aweber is your solution. I personally use it and highly recommend it.

BOTW - Best of the Web - One of the oldest and most trusted directories on the internet.

Send Out Cards - This is an incredible marketing tool to get all the referrals you can handle without ever having to ask. Think of it as an e-mail auto-responder but using real first class mail. It's my favorite direct mail marketing system for generating a constant flow of referrals.

Elance - A worldwide network of freelancers ready to take on your project. Anything from graphic and web design to programing, virtual assistants, article writers and more.

Zip Code Lookup - Great little tool when you have the address but don't have the zip code.

SpamArrest - An excellent spam filtering service I personally use. It saves me every morning from wasting valuable time deleting spam from my Inbox.

Easy Web Video - This is my favorite web video creation tool because it's so easy to use and it's priced right. You get a good bang for your buck and the discount bonus offers on complimentary software are a steal.

Nightingale Conant - A wealth of motivational audio books from past and present self improvement experts.

Your Time Zone - Greenwich Mean Time. - Online Dictionary - Online magazine for entrepreneurs.

Business Know-How - Excellent resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

All Business - As the name implies, a very resourceful web portal for just about anything you could think of having to do with business.

Inspirational Videos - This is really good stuff.